Can you imagine this?


Correct your mistakes from the comfort of your home

Get rid of the annoying pain in your arm and shoulder

Learn how to be your own tennis coach

Save time by not practicing the wrong things for months

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AS EASY AS 1-2-3


  • Record a video of yourself while playing, using your smartphone. A few seconds are more than enough
  • Send the video to us. Magic is about to begin!
  • Receive a video seeing yourself in a way that you never experienced before!

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Do you suffer from tennis or golfer's elbow, wrist, shoulder or hip problems?

How wonderful it would be to find out what actually causes them?

Wouldn’t it be great if we help you get rid of them?

State-of-the-art technology. Latest tennis biomechanics applied. Extensive know-how.

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Feel like we are together in the tennis court helping you choose your own weapon.

Personalized guidance in finding and setting up what’s right for you.

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Not the type of guy who gets on-court lessons?

Record a video of your technique like you would at home.

Even without a racket!

Keep in mind:


Simple, applicable instructions, with audiovisual guidance, will change your performance! Be connected in an interactive way.
Opt for an effortless one handed backhand or for a world class drop-shot? You get a digestible package of instructions with methodical guidance and easy application.


You have questions? We got the answers

See the most frequently asked questions below:

1Is my personal data protected?
We are very sensitive on this matter thus we ensure complete confidentiality of your personal data and audiovisual material. Therefore they do not appear on the internet and of course are not crawled by search engines. Disclosure can only be made with your consent.
2There are numerous YouTube sources related to tennis technique correction methods. Do you follow a different learning process?
Indeed. And in most cases featuring experts in the field. But what we offer is a different learning experience. We work on you! We observe the peculiarities of your body and on monitor your mistakes, illuminating every aspect that can hold you back from playing better. Using tips, tricks and drills, we will give you exactly what you need. This means selecting short and "digestible" content for you to watch, whenever and wherever you are. You will observe yourself side by side and in perfect sync with role models and we will show you what parts are safe to follow. Everything is securely stored in servers so that you don’t waste your smartphone’s memory capacity. A private or group ecosystem with frequent interaction and communication. Virtual Tennis Coach may be a game changer in your learning experience.
3I know I make mistakes but I make them for years. I tried with a coach but with no success. What else can I expect?
Forget the traditional ways of training! We rely on state-of-the-art technology and an in-depth knowledge of tennis biomechanics. We will be by your side all the way, giving you tips & drills and answering your questions. You will see yourself side by side with role models and you will visualize the differences. It's like having a coach in your pocket. With Virtual Tennis Coach you can be your own tennis coach.
4I would like to use your service, but am embarrassed for my technique and hesitate to send you a video.
We have spent many coaching years in the courts, from grass-root tennis to reaching the 5th place at the European Championships U18. For us it will always be a pleasure to see you play and make you change your mind!
5I have never attended tennis lessons, but I have been playing this sport for years. What will your service offer me?
There is and there will always be room for improvement. We can adapt tennis biomechanics to your game style and show you exactly how to be more efficient.
6I love tennis but I can't afford paying for lessons. Do you have offers?
Virtual Tennis Coach service your game with concrete results. Although it's a paid service, you can always find a package that is right for you. It's an affordable yet effective way to become better in tennis.
7My arm hurts. I am desperate in finding a solution. How can you help me?
We will get you in the right track to get rid of the pain once and for all. And enjoy the sport you love so much pain-free. Virtual Tennis Coach powered by is the best of both worlds.
8My son plays competitively. How can he improve his technique?
Virtual Tennis Coach can help, as the athlete will realize what is depriving him of performance. A side-by-side comparison with an idol player will enhance his desire to imitate him. But we will also help him realize which parts he can copy and which shouldn’t. We have many years of experience in the field of coaching. From mini tennis and beginner adults, to the conquest of 650 National titles and 5th place at the U18 European Championships.
9I am a senior player and I am afraid I can’t change bad habits. Is it a fact or fallacy?
Tennis is a non-stop learning process. You learn as you play. But If you play with the right guidance you learn better. Virtual Tennis Coach can can give you ideas that may enhance your tactics. There are remedies for anything including bad habits!
10I have a lot of service nets. How do I fix this?
Don’t worry. Won’t be too hard! We will share with you tricks and tips and some drills to take your service stats to next level.
11I always lose to players who lob. Can I get myself a chance?
All you have to do is shoot a video from the stands that includes lobs and we will teammate to discuss the steps needed. That’s a promise!
12I can’t decide about the correct racquet specs. What’s your advice;
Just shoot a short video while playing. We will analyze it, together with a couple more tihings and we will narrow down your choices based on what compliments your playing style.
13I have technical issues with more than one stroke. What path do you follow to cure them?
Our 3-month package will address more than just one area with guided methodology.
14Can I get better by just watching videos? How can it be possible?
Virtual Tennis Coach presence may be more catalytic than anything you have tried so far. Seeing is believing, and rehearse and communication all the way through, is what we offer. You can't fix what you can't see and we are here to help you open up your eyes.
15“Breaking” the wrist in tennis. What’s the truth?
Such questions excite our coaching ingenuity. Send us a video with your forehand drive and your service motion and let us put you in the correct path to understand the truth.
16Are you a certified coach? What is your experience in the sport?
Feel free to check out our CV at


What people say about the Virtual Tennis Coach




Per analyzed video
For one tennis stroke without monthly commitment

1Χ videoanalysis

Compare with role model

Corrections and Fallacies

Tips & Tricks to boost performance


Keep connected with coach in an interactive way

Rehearse contentl anytime anywhere



3 month commitment
Διορθώστε τα λάθη σας, εξελιχθείτε με τον προπονητή διπλα σας

Send up to 2 videos per week

Video analysis with voice narration and visual aids

Compare yourself to a role model

See yourself Before - After

Interactive communication with coach

Set up tasks

Tips and Drills to boost performance

Get advice about your equipment

Access to helpful content

Monitor your performance



One time
Απαλλαγείτε από tennis, golfer’s elbow, πόνους ώμου και καρπού

Send video with all your strokes

Video analysis and assessment

Find what causes the pain

Get step by step guidance to get rid of the pain

Advice for the correct equipment

Advice for further assistance if needed

Tips and Drills to bring you back to play

Advice on tools to workout



3 month commitment
Δημιουργήστε την ομάδα σας και προπονηθείτε μαζί

Send up to 4 videos weekly

Video analysis with voice narration and visual aids

Compare yourself next to role model

Access to rich content

Interactive communication with the coach

Tips and Drills

Q & A

See yourself Before-After and monitor your progress



3 month commitment
Εξελιχθείτε με έναν προπονητή στο τσεπάκι σας 24/7

Send up to 4 videos weekly

Videoanalysis with voice narration and visual aids

Game tactics to be more efficient on-court

Interactive communication with the coach

Tips and Drills custom made

Get advice for your equipment

Monitor your performance with Before-After

Access to rich content



Διάρκεια 3 μηνών
Ένας προπονητής, trainer, ψυχολόγος στο πλευρό σας

Απεριόριστα βίντεο

Βιντεονάλυση και feedback

Συνεχής επικοινωνία μαζί σας με διαδραστικό τρόπο

Τακτική στο γήπεδο με ανάλυση του παιχνιδιού σας

Tips and Drills τεχνικής εξατομικευμένα

Fitness Drills εξατομικευμένα

Βελτίωση ψυχολογικού προφίλ με ευρηματικό τρόπο

Συμβουλές για οτιδήποτε σχετίζεται με εξοπλισμό σας, τη σωστή λαβή και τις χορδές

Zoom call, Skype, WhatsApp διαθέσιμο

Σύκριση της τεχνικής σας Before - After σε μηνιαία βάση για πλήρη εικόνα της εξέλιξης σας



Αξιολόγηση χωρίς κόστος
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Αξιολόγηση του παιχνιδιού σας

Εύρεση γκάμας κατάλληλων ρακετών από εταιρίες της αρεσκείας σας

Εύρεση μέγεθους λαβής, κεφαλής, βάρους, ισορροπίας και αδράνειας

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